Time and tide wait for no man….

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All stations. All stations. All stations.
Chris Bacon. Chris Bacon. Chris Bacon.
My position is…

… hmmmm. Let’s see. How *did* 2016 end?

  • Gave zero-D the boot – Should really write that up, that was a hoot! There’s a T-shirt and everything
  • Wore through all my boots – They genuinely don’t make ’em like they used to
  • Willow evidently gave me the boot – I didn’t even get to use any of the sad-face / heartbroken emojis we all – surely? – collect for just such occasions. Or is that just me? Anyway, she doesn’t do things by half-measures. Have to give her that.
  • Boat’s gradually wearing away, but not given up on me entirely yet
  • My joints are gradually wearing away, but not given up on me 100% yet


  • Bought some new boots
  • Invested as much time / money as practical in keeping boaty afloaty
  • Got back into walking… a bit. And audiobooks
  • Renewed First Aid certificate (with a mariner focus)
  • Obtained Marine VHF Short Range Certificate
  • And…. fired* the blog back up: primarily to bolt on a new page showcasing the screenwriting work of contributor Christopher Kerr. So, tweaking some bits over there for the moment.

*And, speaking of fired… yeah, the post-zero-D gig didn’t really work out.


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