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Woke up tired and sore Monday. Events of the previous night had not played well with my nerves, nor provided much rest. I elected to give the dogs a few more extra minutes with me in the park, take them home, and hobble up to the train station, as opposed to cycling in.

Cool train-dog demonstrated he didn’t give a rat’s. We felt as kindred spirits – a chance meeting on a Monday commute. But neither had the energy to take the relationship further. “ruff”

….. I said. And took a quick snap, digital zoom, from a distance across the carriage.


To reach the offices of ZeroD, I first have to change at Highbury & Islington, where both canine comrade and ‘phone reception were lost to the anonymous, miserable, bustle of the Underground.

The Tube stopped for minutes at each of the handful of stations. I never learned why. I was now behind schedule. Sore, tired, uninspired – and playing catch-up from the off.

Nevertheless, my destination eventually arrived. I stood on the right and let the escalators do their business; extracting me away from the tunnels. Towards the top of the escalators, reception returns – everyone beeping and buzzing with updates and messages. I, to my surprise, buzzed too, along with them. It wasn’t even a very stimulating buzz. I left the station, turned the corner and considered what the notification might be… as I shuffled towards the office; potentially someone from work chasing my absence, thanks to the delays. Or a colleague similarly stuck – or worse, calling in sick – for me to cover. Oh, joy! I prepared myself, slipped my mobile from my jeans’ pocket, and tapped the screen into life.

No. It was Willow – far away, working the nightshift, on a quick break I assume,


My muse.

Fuckit, whatever ZeroD had to throw at me today? I could take it.


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